St Peter's Greenhill
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Our Sunday Services

9.30am Holy Eucharist, 11am Family Service/ Communion

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Daily Prayer

We pray Mon-Thur & Sat at 9am & 5.30pm.


Services coming up

Sunday 7th January (Epiphany 1)

8am Contemplative Eucharist and 10am Parish Communion

Sunday 14th January (Epiphany 2)

9.30am Eucharist and 11am Family Service

Sunday 21st January (Epiphany 3)

9.30am Contemplative Eucharist

11am Family Communion

Sunday 28th January (Epiphany 4)

9.30am Eucharist

11am Family Service (with baptism)


Prayerlife- Every Tuesday, 7-7.45pm

1st Tuesday of the month - St James’, Norton, 

2nd Tuesday - St Paul’s, Norton Lees, 3rd Tuesday - Saint Peter’s, 

4th Tuesday - St Chad’s, Woodseats (and 5th Tuesday - Saint Peter’s).

Morning Prayer – Monday-Thursday at 8am, Saturday at 9am

Evening Prayer – Monday-Thursday and Saturday at 5.30pm

Join us in the chapel for a short time of prayer.

If we are unable to open up we will announce it via Twitter, Facebook and here on this website.


Over 2018 we will be asking the question ‘how do we live out the vision and values of Saint Peter’s?’ As we do this we will be reviewing our mission and ministry both as a church and as individuals. We want to encourage one another to engage in this particularly over the first part of the year.

PCC Committees

As part of the our mission and ministry review we’d like to remind you about how PCC Committees whose role it is to oversee all our corporate activities. The four committees are:

Prayer & Worship (led by Paul Taylor)

Discipleship &  Community (led by Dave Stout)

Serving & Welcome (led by Beth Stout)

Operations (led by Richard Dunigan)

If you would like to share in the shaping of our life together please do speak to one of the leaders of these committees.

Are you passionate about young people?

Saint Peter’s is an all age family and every member, no matter how old or young they are, are valued and asked to participate as fully as they would like to. For our younger members participating is not easy and need a little extra help. Are you being called to enable our younger members to engage in faith and service? This could be on Sundays during the service, Mondays with our Young Small Group or Wednesdays at our drop in sessions. Please do contact Joe Corrigan ( if you can.

Lent 2018

For Lent this year we will be studying a book together called ‘Becoming Human’ by Jean Vanier. We will be preaching on it at our Sunday services and will be exploring it deeper in our Small Groups. If you want to get the most out of Lent with us, why not buy a copy to make notes in?