St Peter's Greenhill
Prayer & Worship Prayer

Our Sunday Services

9.30am Holy Eucharist, 11am Family Service/ Communion

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Daily Prayer

We pray Mon-Thur & Sat at 9am & 5.30pm.


Prayer, for us, is about inviting God into our lives and the lives of those we care about. God longs to be involved in everyone's life and to help us live better lives but we also know that God does not force himself on to people and so waits for us to turn to him and ask.

Daily Prayer

Ned, our vicar, prays daily (Monday-Thursday and Saturday) in church in the morning at 9am and the evening (5.30pm).


We also share in a weekly prayer gathering called 'PrayerLife' with other Anglican churches from across the area on Tuesday between 7pm-7.45pm.

1st Tuesday of the month - St James', Norton.

2nd Tuesday of the month - St Paul's, Norton Lees.

3rd Tuesday of the month - Saint Peter's, Greenhill.

4th Tuesday of the month - St Chad's, Woodseats.

(5th Tuesday of the month - Saint Peter's, Greenhill.)


Worship is not just the singing of songs or turning up to a church building with other Christians. Worship is a way of life. Worship is about letting God into our lives and changing us, leading us and using us. We do meet, however, to remind each other of what it means to 'worship' God but also to be a public sign of lives transformed by God's love and mercy.

Sunday Services

We gather together, as God's family, on Sunday mornings. We have three 'flavours' of worship services:


This service is a traditional Eucharist service with hymns.

On the third Sunday of the month we celebrate our 'Contemplative Eucharist' which is a quiet, reflective service with space to encounetr God in stillness.


This is our 'Family' service which is more informal and where we have Creche for 0-2's, Sparks for Pre-school-Y6, and Impact for Y7-Y10. The first and third Sundays we celebrate the Eucharist together and the other Sundays we spend more time learning and singing!


Please join us for any of these. You are always welcome!