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We pray Mon-Thur & Sat at 9am & 5.30pm.

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Disarming Scripture - Undoing Judgement Beth Stout 13/03/16 Listen
Disarming Scripture - Undoing Judgement 8am Harry Steele 13/03/16 Listen
Mothering Sunday and Baptisms Harry Steele 06/03/16 Listen
Disarming Scripture - A practical guide to enemy love Harry Steele 28/02/16 Listen
Disarming Scripture - God and the state sword Harry Steele 21/02/16 Listen
Disarming Scripture - Reading on a trajectory 8am Harry Steele 14/02/16 Listen
Disarming Scripture - Reading on a trajectory 11am Joy French 14/02/16 Listen
Disarming Scripture - Facing Our Darkness Simon Hayes 07/02/16 Listen
The Presentation of Christ in the Temple Harry Steele 31/01/16 Listen
Disarming Scripture- reading the Bible as Jesus did Harry Steele 10/01/16 Listen