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Daily Prayer

We pray Mon-Thur & Sat at 9am & 5.30pm.

You can catch up with the audio of all the sermons from Saint Peter's below. Alternatively, to automatically keep up to date, why not subscribe to our podcast to receive weekly doses of the Bible direct to your iTunes! Follow this link to subscribe.

God's Response To Our Prayers Rob Bridgewater 15/07/18 Listen
Healing of the Nations Patrick Coghlan 15/07/18 Listen
Put Your Lamp on a Lampstand Ken Goodier 08/07/18 Listen
Small Group Sunday Simon Hayes 01/07/18 Listen
The Parable of the Sower Rev Toby Hole 01/07/18 Listen
We Are Sinners Fundamentally Loved Ned Lunn 24/06/18 Listen
Seek God Through The Pain Sarah Clayton 17/06/18 Listen
Praying For Physical Healing Ned Lunn 10/06/18 Listen
Castles Made Of Sand Elizabeth Lydon 03/06/18 Listen
Do To Others As You Would Have Them Do To You Ned Lunn 27/05/18 Listen