St Peter's Greenhill
Growing Witnessing Loving Who we are and what we believe

Our Sunday Services

(8am Morning Prayer/Spoken Eucharist), 9.30am Trad. Eucharist, 11am Family Service/ Communion

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Daily Prayer

We pray Mon-Thurs in our chapel at 8am & 5.30pm and on Sat 9am & 5.30pm

Who we are and what we believe

Saint Peter’s seeks to share the love of Jesus with our local community. It is a Church of England Church and what we believe is best summed up in words that the church has been confessing for thousands of years called the Creeds and we join with the prayers of all Christians in praying the Lord's Prayer.

At Saint Peter's we are committed to becoming a people who grow, witness to, and show love to our local community. 

Our Vision is very simple: to help people grow as disciples of Jesus, recognising that all people are at different stages of this journey. The way that we engage with this vision is by being a 'growing, witnessing, and loving' community.


We believe that God is working in our lives and calls us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Everyday he calls us to be more and more like Jesus and to live as children of God. This is an exciting journey of discipleship and gradually becoming all that God hopes for us, and us working with God to redeem his creation.


We believe that we are called to share the Good News that God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ who lived, died, rose again and ascended into heaven. The truth of the Good News is that God does not give up on anything he has made. We must demonstrate through words and actions the transforming message of Jesus Christ.


We love God so we worship God. Worship is more than singing songs; it is a daily celebration of God, in God. As a community we worship when we are apart and when we are together. Our worship reflects our joy, our hopes, our struggles, and our faith. When we share Communion together we meet with God, through Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. We carry the effects of this meeting into the world, leading others to meet with God.